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Up to 45%
in heating cost savings

Our verified results range from 15% to 45% savings and are on average of 26%.

Return on investment
averaging 3 years

You start optimizing your energy consumption immediately after installation. Your return on investment starts instantly.

environmental footprint

The reduction of energy consumption leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Power of Control

Demtroys Technologies helps you take control of your buildings’ energy consumption. 


We create smarter buildings thanks to our complete and adaptative technology.
We eliminate energy waste by adding automation which optimizes your energy costs.

Saving on your energy costs has never been easier.

Our powerful and user-friendly portal makes you the master of the household…remotely.


The Power of Control is now in your hands!

We Help You Reduce Your Energy Consumption

We are sure our technologies generate great savings, and we hope this video will help you understand how. 

Hot Water Heated Buildings
Electrically Heated Buildings

Our HVAC efficiency solution works with buildings of all sizes and ages. Moreover, it offers an impressive gain in control over every type of heating and cooling product.

Installed over your existing system, our high-performance wireless technology saves you from the cost of renovations.

Being in the industry for more than a decade, we are installed in over 15 000 apartments in Canada and growing.  See our case studies showing how we have already saved our customers thousands of dollars – thanks to Demtroys.

If you always thought the heating consumption of your buildings was something beyond your control, you were wrong…


New Spadina Garment Industry Corporation

We saved over $50 000 in the first heating season (2016 – 2017). It was an easy process; the wireless system makes the installation quick (one week on site) and households still have control of their in-suite and in-room temperatures, provided they keep their windows closed. […] Would we install the Demtroys system again? Yes, definitely.

STEVE KEWIN & associates inc.

So far, I can say with confidence that you and your team have been most professional and have stood by your work and our agreement.

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