What the
Demtroys solution offers you


Since we are in the industry for more than a decade, we stand out by our experience and professionalism.

Demtroys advantages for sure include better control over energy consumption, but also our clients’ peace of mind.

Personalized and Turnkey Service

We propose a suitable solution based on your needs, that considers every component, detail of the residence, and its environment. Moreover, we provide complete professional services – before, during, and after the installation of the system. We call it, the “Demtroys Experience”.

Quick Installation and Easy Operation

It only takes between 2 and 8 days to install our system thanks to our wireless technology. You save on the hassle and costs of renovations and prevent your tenants from being disturbed. In addition, once commissioned, almost zero maintenance is required.

No Compromise on Tenants’ Comfort

Your tenants keep control of their unit and are only disturbed for a few minutes during the initial installation.

Centralized and Accessible Management

Our portal provides real-time strategic information. It gives you unparalleled control of your system by allowing you to adjust the parameters remotely. This way, you can deal with emergencies without having to be on-site and continually optimize your savings.

Secure Wireless Technology

Our cutting-edge technology uses radio frequency, making our system reliable and robust. Being independent of the Wi-Fi network, the proper functioning of the system is not compromised in the event of a Wi-Fi issue.

Upgradable Technologies

Always offer the best technology there is; that is our way of thinking. Our team works to optimize your system even after its installation. New features can be added at any time. You can count on us to always have the best product there is.

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