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Experts in the industry for more than a decade

In 2009, entrepreneur Jean-Sébastien Cyr met a designer working on a system to control the heating capacity in buildings. Demtroys Technologies was born!

On January 19, 2010, the foundation materializes. Shortly thereafter, the designer accepts the technology transfer agreement proposed by Jean-Sébastien, who then leads the company for the next 9 years.

The Demtroys System – conceptualized and manufactured in Sherbrooke, QC, is sponsored by the National Research Council Canada (NRC). The target clientele is owners of rental properties and retirement homes. They must assume the costs of heating their buildings and are concerned with providing a comfortable environment for their tenants. Until Demtroys, this was a market without a feasible solution.

Only one year after its foundation, the company won the first national prize at the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest. In 2015, the company stood out for the second time, by winning not only the small and medium-sized enterprise award but also by obtaining a special mention for innovative SMEs and HELP for cultural diversity, at the Gala Reconnaissance Estrie 2015 of the Chamber of Commerce of Sherbrooke. That same year, Demtroys was also crowned in the Sustainable Development Innovation category at the Eastern Townships Environmental Excellence Awards gala.

In a few years, more than 15 000 residential units have been optimized. Demtroys Technologies becomes a pan-Canadian leader and export projects to the United States are emerging.

In 2019, the company was taken over by two new owners: Yan Corriveau and Jacques Arseneault. The goal of the business remains the same, but the entrepreneurs are adding strings to their bow. Today, Demtroys Technologies offers the optimization of air conditioning systems and reaches the industrial and commercial markets.

Always with a daring vision, it is with commitment and passion that the Demtroys team works to offer energy-efficient solutions adapted and efficient to building owners.


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