Our Team

Working at Demtroys brings me a lot of pride! It is a privilege to be part of such a great team! We have surrounded ourselves with so many talents! It’s always surprising how much this great team brings to each other and to our product offering!

– Jacques Arseneault, co-owner

Yan Corriveau
Operations manager
Jacques Arseneault
Business Development Manager
Nicolas Boucher-Lalonde
Research and Development Director
Full-stack Developer
Janick Bélisle
Project Manager
Hossein Cheshavar
Project Manager
Pier-Olivier Faucher
Embedded Systems Developer
Félix Vézina
Embedded Systems Developer
Véronique David
Marketing and Communications
Jamie Tubaro
Sales Manager
Alexandre Lavoie
Electronic and Software Development Consultant
Danny Desaindes
Particia Lamoureux
Marie-Chantal St-Pierre

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