Our promise is to
deliver you a turnkey project


From the design of your system to its installation, we take care of every step. Your project is undertaken on an individual basis so you can get a personalized and turnkey service.

Enjoy the Demtroys Experience!


Preliminary analysis of the project

To help you make an informed decision, Demtroys offers a free and non-binding assessment and estimates your potential yearly savings.

A short tour of your building will allow us to design the proper configurations for your Demtroys system and provide you with a detailed quote. Your return-on-investment period will also be calculated.


Grant application process

Depending on your location, different grant programs are available and allow you to reduce up to half your costs. The grant process is often complex and requires extensive energy efficiency knowledge. From pre-approval to results delivery, Demtroys will help you cut through the administrative red tape.

We have the expertise and experience in working with grant programs which has enabled us to obtain a 100% approval rate for all our grant applications.


Project management and system installation

From the design of your system to its installation, we take care of it.

A customized system will be designed by our experts, based on your needs and your building’s information.

Thanks to our cutting-edge wireless technology, no renovation is needed and the Demtroys system can be installed in 2 to 8 days on average, with minimal disturbance to your tenants. The installation of our equipment only takes a maximum of 60 minutes per apartment.

We will train a local electrical contractor with whom we will be working. This partnership will provide for quick assistance should remedies be needed.


Training your staff and communication with your tenants

Following the installation of your system, we will train your maintenance staff to be able to use the system properly (in less than an hour).

We also provide comprehensive documentation for you to keep as reference material.

To make sure you benefit from the greatest savings, we can assist you with support material and information sessions to guide your tenants towards responsible energy use.


System optimization and measurement of savings

Throughout the first year of implementation, our experts will optimize the system’s parameters to generate maximum savings, while ensuring the preservation of your tenant’s comfort.

After this year of system operation, we follow the internationally recognized IPMVP method (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) for calculating energy efficiency. Thus, we can immediately see and analyze the savings.


Maintenance and assistance 24/7

Our experts can remotely verify the condition of your system and give you a full report of the diagnostic tests conducted. This way, you will be able to take the necessary steps to optimize your results.

Our bilingual call center is open 24×7 to address any questions or problems should they arise.

We will be happy to respond to your service call.

A Complete Accompaniment

Our professionals make sure to have a full understanding of your needs. They propose you a suitable and turnkey solution. We offer a complete accompaniment before, during and after the installation of the system.

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