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reduce energy consumption


Demtroys technologies operate according to five innovative principles to optimize existing HVAC systems and reduce heating and cooling costs. Hence, you get several tools to save money every day. These ways to upgrade your system are effective on a majority of buildings’ types. 



At Demtroys, we recognize that different parts of a building have different heating needs. It depends on the placement and the orientation.  Therefore, we separate the building into different zones and our modulation algorithm defines the proper amount of energy needed to regulate each zone.



The system constantly collects outside temperature data and adjusts the system in real time, thanks to our modulation algorithm. The modulation determines the amount of energy required for comfort in each zone.

The colder it is, the higher the heating capacity will be, and the reverse occurs when the outside temperature increases. Thus, residents can manage their comfort without generating excess heating costs.


Peak Demand Management

Demtroys system automatically manages the peak power demand of heating appliances. Based on the rate applied, a load-shedding algorithm coordinates the activation of heating appliances throughout the building. Without compromising on comfort, it reduces demand during heating periods.


Maximum Setpoint

The maximum temperature for different units can be pre-set. This is established at the owner’s request and helps to avoid overheating. The tenants keep control of their units up to the maximum setpoint.


Period of Reduced Power

The Demtroys solution can be programed to adjust the temperature according to the occupancy time of the space. Hence, it can reduce power during periods where heating is unnecessary.

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