Always a tailor-made


Our systems respond to buildings of all ages and uses. Energy retrofit is a performant solution for all markets and building classes, whether it is A, B or C.

It offers guaranteed savings.


If you are paying for the heating of a building (or many buildings), we can help you take your control over your energy consumption to another level.

Our highly trained team will make sure to understand your specific needs to bring you the best strategy for energy performance, and offer the greatest experience.

At Demtroys, each project is undertaken on an individual basis. Whether your building has 20 or 500 units, we will offer you an adapted solution and minimize your installation costs. Our proven and affordable systems generate impressive large-scale savings for residential, commercial and institutionnal buildings.


Residential Buildings

Apartments, Townhouses/Row Houses, Condominiums, etc.

Our reliable technology is already installed in more than 15 000 apartments and allows building owners to save every year.

The comfort and satisfaction of tenants is never compromised. The installation is simple, non-intrusive. The needs of tenants are taken into account.

Residential Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Hotels, Shopping malls, Office buildings, etc.

Our proven technology will help you achieve your monetary and environmental goals. Stand out from the competition through greener management of your buildings. With an approximate return on investment of three years, the benefits are quickly realized.

Commercial Buildings

Institutional Buildings

Schools, Hospitals, Retirement homes, Student residence, Social housing, etc.

Savings on heating will make it possible to invest in what really matters. Our experts will help you optimize your system for maximum reduction in costs and emissions.

Institutionnal Buildings

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